I’ve been shooting DSLR for over 6 years.  I shoot with Nikon and my go-to body is a D7000.  It is rugged, weather proof, and versatile – in other words, perfect!

I run a Gitzo Mountaineer tripod with Acra-Swiss Z1 mono-ball. I shoot with various Nikor, Tamaron and Rokinon lenses.

I bring technical climbing skills and gear to the table.  I lead WI3+, follow WI5/M4, and on rock (trad) lead up to 5.7+, and follow 5.10c.  I have rigging and system to put myself in position for great shots from most angles.

As for mountaineering and alpine, I have beginner-level experience all in the North Eastern US.  I’ve spent plenty of nights in the backcountry in sub-zero temps and have multiple ascents of winter peaks including Mount Washington.  I am properly geared, skilled and conditioned to join most parties.

Contact info: grippedphoto(at)gmail.com

Just hanging out, brah!